Question: How and how often should I practise?


If you find time to do the exercises every other day, you will progress quickly. Then your vocal muscles can recover on the day in between. Since Ms. Kube cannot be with you to correct you directly, it is important that you do the exercises in front of the mirror so that you can correct yourself. It can also be helpful to record yourself doing the vocal exercises so that you can hear yourself and improve. Always look carefully at the students' sample exercises, as many questions will be answered automatically. If you have any further questions about the exercises or songs you are singing, you can also book online coaching with Bernadette Kube.

Students sing songs

Florin sings Ocean
Janine sings Sunday Morning
Holger Jens sings "He Still Cares
Lena sings "Six Feet Under
Louisa Sings Make You Feel My Love