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Questions about singing lessons

The offer is aimed at young people after their voices have changed as well as adults of all ages. These include: Choir singers, amateur singer/songwriters, professional singers, actors, presenters, teachers, kindergarten teachers, audio book speakers, executives, seminar leaders, trainers and absolute beginners.

This distinction is important because men and women sing in different registers. They also face different difficulties. This is most obvious with the so-called register transition, i.e. the change between chest and head voice. The exercise examples are therefore also demonstrated for men by my singing students and for women by my singing students, all in the corresponding vocal registers.

The courses, which are divided into men's and women's sections, each have an information text about the content and a teaser that helps you find the right entry point to the course programme.

In order to be able to use the courses meaningfully, you should already have had your voice change. That means you should be at least 13 or 14 years old. This age applies to boys and girls. Otherwise, the courses are aimed at adults of all ages.

The classes are divided into two courses each for beginners, intermediate and advanced. In addition, there are two supplementary courses on breathing and posture building. For each of the vocal exercises, there is an example video in which a student demonstrates the exercise, accompanied by me on the piano. It is important to me that you also see when the students make a mistake, which is then corrected by me immediately, so that you have concrete indications of what you need to pay attention to. After this example, in which you can of course also participate, you will find a video that contains a short instruction from me, with which you can practise all by yourself to my piano accompaniment.

If you have booked a course, e.g. Beginner 1, you can use it indefinitely. Once you have made sufficient progress with this course, you can choose the next course, always at the pace that is right for you.

If you find time to do the exercises every other day, you will progress quickly. Then your vocal muscles can recover on the day in between. Since Ms. Kube cannot be with you to correct you directly, it is important that you do the exercises in front of the mirror so that you can correct yourself. It can also be helpful to record yourself doing the vocal exercises so that you can hear yourself and improve. Always look carefully at the students' sample exercises, as many questions will be answered automatically. If you have any further questions about the exercises or songs you are singing, you can also book online coaching with Bernadette Kube.

The prerequisites that everyone who sings brings with them are very different. It is important to practise regularly and to be prepared for the fact that progress in singing is a process that results from the interaction of building up the vocal musculature and applying the learned technique when singing. In this way you will progress step by step. If you have any questions or are unsure how to apply the exercises, do not hesitate to book an additional appointment with Bernadette Kube for online coaching.

You will notice that there is no course on working on songs here yet. This course is still being created. If you have any questions about how to apply the technique to singing songs, you are welcome to make a Skype appointment with Ms Kube. You can see how her singing students sing with the learned technique under the heading "Students sing songs".

In case of difficulties or if you feel you are not getting anywhere, book an additional online coaching session with Bernadette Kube. There, Ms Kube can respond to your individual needs.

Every voice, every singer has to be considered individually. That's why you can book an additional 45-minute online coaching session. Just sign up in the calendar, choose the time and off you go.

If you are ill, e.g. have a cold, you should consistently stop exercising until you are completely healthy again.

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There is no definitive answer to the question of age, as it varies from person to person. As a rule, an age of about 14 / 15 is a good time to start. For both boys and girls, the basic part of the voice change should be completed. If you are still unsure whether voice training is right for you, we offer a trial lesson including a voice test.

With the right techniques, you can sing into old age. You don't have to be an experienced singer to start singing. The human voice has changed a lot over the years. From voice changes in boys and girls, to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, to the "old age voice". In principle, singing can be done at any age.

Technology and shop

You can find all courses via "Online courses" or our search. Once you have found the right course for you, click on "Add to shopping cart". 

You can proceed to the checkout by clicking on the shopping basket symbol in the top right-hand corner (in the smartphone, first open the menu) and then click on the action "Proceed to checkout".

Please note: In order to be able to call up a course, it is imperative that you also create a customer account. The customer account is created automatically after the payment process. 

If you already have a customer account, you can log in during the checkout process and all settings from your last order will be applied.

You can purchase our courses with PayPal, credit card (payment service Stripe) or simply by bank transfer. 

With PayPal and credit card the courses are available immediately, with bank transfer the course is activated manually as soon as we receive your transfer. Normally this takes 1-3 working days. From abroad this can take longer.

You buy a voucher in exactly the same way as a conventional course. The difference is that you can also give a voucher to friends and acquaintances.


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