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The blog posts offer helpful information, analysis and tips about singing, breath control and singing lessons. In an entertaining way, I would like to support singers in their training and daily vocal work.

The articles are based on my own 20 years of experience as a singing teacher and singer, plus insights from modern voice science and vocal pedagogy.

Once a month a new blog article will be published. I hope its contents will be useful and enriching for you.

Improvisation while singing

9 June 2024
Cover picture for the blog "Improvisation while singing"- SingaSong-ba ehappy

Seeing the big stars of rock and pop live never gets boring. They don't sing a song the same way every time, but always a little differently. Depending on what they feel when they sing or ... more...

Tightness in the throat and a constricted neck when singing high notes: what to do?

6 April 2024
singasong-warm-up singing - woman with a tight throat while singing

There is a saying in vocal pedagogy: "The greatest enemy of the singer is the choke." Many singers, beginners and aspiring singers alike, struggle with this: singing in Sprechstimmlage is pleasant, the voice sounds warm and full. ... more...

Warm-up & cool-down: get your voice in shape

17 February 2024

You'd like to skip that too, wouldn't you? Those typical warm-up exercises for the voice, the lip-bubbling, sounding like a siren and so on. That's boring and a waste of time, better to start straight away with register and ... more...

Intonation: how to hit the right notes when singing

13 December 2023
A target with arrows symbolises hitting the notes: Intonation is one of the basic singing skills.

When Ringo Starr sang the world-famous song "With A Little Help From My Friends" in the recording studio, the other Beatles legends stood closely around him. It is said that he needed moral support while singing. His first lines ... more...

Singing dynamically: from soft to very loud

7 November 2023
singasong-dynamic singing is symbolised by whisper bag

If someone always speaks at the same volume, we quickly get bored. If someone sings like that, we get annoyed after a short time. With moderate singers with a sonorous voice, we sometimes feel the same way and switch off. We ... more...

Singing Riffs & Runs

30 September 2023
A woman with a microphone leaps into the air with delight - the image symbolises the successful singing of vocal riffs and runs

Vocal riffs and runs have been one of the great moments in rock and pop music for as long as it has existed: When the band stops at the end of a song and the singer gets everything out of her last note. With ... more...

Vowels: How we make a tone sound

31 August 2023
Person with yellow T-shirt behind organgenic background sings vowel A

Every held note is a sung vowel. Vowels and their sound are much more important when singing than when speaking. However, singing a vowel full of radiance is more difficult for many singing beginners ... more...

Nodules on the vocal cords

29 July 2023

Singing inspires. Not only the audience when listening. The full possession of one's own voice, the liveliness, the expression of feelings when singing also creates enthusiasm. Those who have discovered this for themselves want to sing in the first ... more...

Singing with charisma

28 May 2023

Charisma is "the art of enchanting others". That's a common saying. For the speaking voice, experiments have shown: a distinctive speech melody has a more convincing effect on other people than average voices - and more seductive. The effect ... more...

Practice singing: where, when and how?

29 April 2023

Practising is the be-all and end-all of becoming good. For many singing beginners, however, practising also raises completely new, practical questions: How will my neighbour react if I sing loudly in my flat ... more...

Consonants: Tongue, Airflow & Articulation

30 March 2023

An important focus in singing lessons is the vocal sound. We deal intensively with the question: How can we change our mouth space so that we create the best possible resonance depending on the vowel? It is often underestimated that ... more...

"When I was looking for singing lessons, I luckily came across Bernadette right away and had a "wow" effect after the first few lessons. The lessons are a lot of fun, very systematic and at the same time individual. Bernadette is very likeable and a professional singer with very good didactics. You take away exercises that you can work on at home and build on in the next lesson. I have already been able to significantly expand my vocal range, have developed better vocal stability and have really discovered my voice. Through the lessons with Bernadette, I am now also getting to know my voice as an instrument, learning different techniques and I am very happy to have taken this step and can really recommend the lessons."
Robert Haase - Doctor