The new Learn to Sing app: online singing lessons when and where you want  

Achieve your goals in a short time with our effective singing app:
  • a good breathing technique 
  • a stronger and louder voice
  • easy singing of high notes
  • more sonority and greater carrying capacity of your voice
  • Smooth transition between chest and head voice
  • Expanding your vocal range in the high and low registers
  • Singing with high-energy sound (belting)
  • Improve your stage presence
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1 year membership for only €19.95 per month
½ year membership for only €24.95 per month

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🎤 Online singing lessons by subscription - bring your vocal skills to life!

Dive into our world of singing and experience more than eight hours of high-quality video material to accompany you on your musical journey. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced singer, you'll find the perfect online singing course!
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Learn to sing online - individual singing courses: perfectly tailored to men's and women's voices! 🙌💁‍♂️💁‍♀️

Tailor-made online courses instead of one-size-fits-all! There are different singing courses in the Singing Exercises app - one for women and one for men. Benefit from the individual training! We specifically address the specific differences between men's and women's voices.

A young couple sings in the kitchen: learning to sing online is fun, for example with the singing app

🌟 Learn at your own pace - with our new app for learning to sing 

You design your singing lessons the way it suits you. With the singing app, you can practise anywhere and anytime - according to your personal schedule and at your favourite place!

With a practical subscription model, you get access to all online courses. 📲

No tedious searching around for different courses - with us you have everything you need in one place!
Test now for 7 days free of charge
A man sings into the microphone. An example of online singing lessons.

🌐 Flexible online or as an app for on the go

Our offering is as versatile as your musical passion. Our singing app is available for both iOS and Android, so you can access the content offline once you've downloaded it. No Wi-Fi? No problem - practice when and where you want!
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And that's not all! As a special highlight, once a month you will receive a one-hour group coaching live via Zoom 🎵

Together with other singing enthusiasts, you can ask your questions, benefit from valuable tips and further refine your singing skills. The offer is free of charge for all subscribers of the Learn to Sing app.
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Singer gives singing lessons in Berlin

🎶 Sing Your Heart Out at Our Karaoke Evenings!

Do you love being on stage and want to improve your live performance? Would you also like to meet new singing enthusiasts and have a great time? Then we have just the thing for you! As a subscriber to our online courses, you can take part in our regular karaoke parties in Berlin Friedrichshain. "Have your favourite songs in mind" and come along! We promise you an unforgettable evening full of fun and music!

🎬 Practice with videos in a double pack and improve your skills in no time!

For each exercise, we offer two videos: first a sample video with a student demonstrating the exercise, and then a video that allows you to repeat the exercise on your own. If you practise singing regularly with the app, you will develop your vocal skills so that you can call them up confidently when singing at any time!
Test now for 7 days free of charge

👥 Make new friends with the Learn to Sing app - exchange ideas with other singing friends in our exclusive Facebook group!

Ask questions spontaneously, get answers from me and the other group members and experience a supportive community that accompanies you on your singing journey!
What are you waiting for? Start your musical adventure today!
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Students sing songs

Florin sings Ocean
Janine sings Sunday Morning
Holger Jens sings "He Still Cares
Lena sings "Six Feet Under
Louisa Sings Make You Feel My Love

"I really like the online course. I find it particularly helpful that the exercises are first completely demonstrated, which is a great support for beginners. All in all, practising with the videos is a lot of fun and I'm already noticing the first progress.

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Violetta Verissimo - YouTuber & Blogger