Question: Does learning to sing via an app mean that everything only takes place online?


For all those who would like to learn to sing with the app, there is an additional online group coaching session once a month, in which questions can be asked live and people can sing together. The offer is free for all subscribers. There is also an online community on Facebook for subscribers to network. Those who would like to sing live and meet new friends will also get their money's worth: regular karaoke evenings are organised for subscribers. If you want to learn to sing with the app, you can organise your lessons completely online. If you wish, you can also book a lesson on site in my singing studio in Berlin-Mitte in addition to the regular price.

Students sing songs

Florin sings Ocean
Janine sings Sunday Morning
Holger Jens sings "He Still Cares
Lena sings "Six Feet Under
Louisa Sings Make You Feel My Love