Question: How are the online singing courses structured?


The classes are divided into two courses each for beginners, intermediate and advanced. In addition, there are two supplementary courses on breathing and posture building. For each of the vocal exercises, there is an example video in which a student demonstrates the exercise, accompanied by me on the piano. It is important to me that you also see when the students make a mistake, which is then corrected by me immediately, so that you have concrete indications of what you need to pay attention to. After this example, in which you can of course also participate, you will find a video that contains a short instruction from me, with which you can practise all by yourself to my piano accompaniment.

Students sing songs

Florin sings Ocean
Janine sings Sunday Morning
Holger Jens sings "He Still Cares
Lena sings "Six Feet Under
Louisa Sings Make You Feel My Love