Question: Is the singing practice app also suitable for beginners?


Yes, there are various beginners' courses in the Singen-üben app: For women and men, there is an A1 course for singing beginners, in which the first basics are learnt. A further A2 course then builds on this. A particularly practical feature for beginners is that the individual exercises are
be demonstrated to a pupil. You can see directly how to do the exercise correctly and can easily copy it. The singing practice app also allows you to practise at any time and from anywhere. This makes it easier for you to integrate singing exercises into your everyday life and practise regularly so that your voice can develop well.

Students sing songs

Florin sings Ocean
Janine sings Sunday Morning
Holger Jens sings "He Still Cares
Lena sings "Six Feet Under
Louisa Sings Make You Feel My Love