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  • Woman performing chanting breathing

    Singing Breathing and Phonation Breathing

    29 March 2022
    What is singing breathing and why is it best suited for singing? You've probably heard of the distinction between...
  • Band on stage with stage fright

    Stage fright

    27 February 2022
    "See the man with the stage fright, just standin' up there to give it all his might." So they say...
  • Singer jumps during tone onset

    Sound attachment

    31 January 2022
    The intro sounds, the cue for the voice comes ... now! Not only for people with stage fright is this a...
  • Woman performs chest breathing and abdominal breathing

    Chest breathing and abdominal breathing in everyday life

    31 December 2021
    Although it seems to be the most natural thing in the world, many people have forgotten to perform chest breathing and abdominal breathing correctly. This...
  • Singer with microphone

    Microphone and sound system for singers

    29 November 2021
    When you sing, the voice is your instrument. On stage, with a loud band behind you, your voice penetrates...
  • Stage presence with flames

    Stage Presence: Ways to the Goal

    18 October 2021
    "We were the first band in music history to be conducted by an ass." According to tradition, these are the words...
  • Singer takes online singing lessons

    Learn to sing with the app - Singing lessons online

    22 September 2021
    Online singing lessons are more popular than ever before. What are the benefits of taking a singing course online? Can you learn to sing online?...
  • Waves and vibrations from the vibrato


    18 August 2021
    "Vibrato", the wave-like, even oscillation of the sound when singing: It reminds us of opera arias or old musicals. The singing...
  • Singer trains her voice

    How we hear our voice

    14 July 2021
    Do you remember the first time you heard your voice, on a recording from a recorder or a...
  • Woman singing

    Too old to sing?

    14 June 2021
    Recently a woman in her mid-fifties said she would love to take my singing classes, but it was no use anymore....
  • Chest voice and head voice shown as a graph

    Chest Voice and Head Voice

    11 May 2021
    Last week, the mother of a singing student asked me if the head voice was not a "wrong way to sing". In fact, it is...