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Singing with charisma

Charisma is "the art of enchanting others". So says a common saying. For the speaking voice, experiments have shown: a distinctive speech melody has a more convincing effect on other people than average voices - and more seductive. The effect of speech melody becomes vocal art in the sung word. However, the charisma of the singing voice is not only based on its ability to melodically ...

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Stage mishap, how embarrassing! A woman hides her face behind her hands in shame

Bad luck & mishaps on stage

I went on stage. Today was my record release concert, at the Frannz Club in Berlin. I had rehearsed a lot with my band Red On Blue in preparation for the big day, but I still had stage fright. During the last sound check, I had draped the lyrics of a few of my songs on the stage, near my ...

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Two staircases in different colours - the picture is symbolic for the comparison of the singing technique pop versus classic

One singing technique for everything? Classical versus popular singing

From time to time, singing students with previous classical experience come to my singing studio. They had previously taken classical singing lessons, but actually don't want to sing classical repertoire, but rock or pop songs. They have found that they cannot sing the songs with their classical singing technique or that their vocal "sound" does not suit them. Why is that? And ...

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Person holding his neck

Frog in the throat?

"When I sing I always have a frog in my throat", "I'm still so slimy": I often hear that from my singing students. Do you also know that your voice is so busy? It's annoying, and maybe you wish that your throat was really dry for once, that your voice was completely free of "mucus", so that your notes could be ...

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Vocal change in girls

The change of voice

The parents of girls are often irritated when they hear that I only teach adults or teenagers after the voice change. They assume that voice change only occurs in boys. This is about as far-fetched as believing that only boys go through puberty. This blog post is about the question of ...

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