Women Intermediate 2 - Sing a Song - Be Happy

Women Intermediate 2


Length: 58:50 min.

What you learn in the intermediate courses

You've been singing for a while, you've tried it out and you've already used tips to improve your singing. But more demanding songs quickly bring you to your limits.

In this course we will build your Vocal range further out. The intervals between the sung melodies become larger. Bit by bit we explore the higher ranges of your voice. So that you learn to Singing high notes without pressureWe will show you how to build up the supporting muscles for this.

If it is still difficult for you, to change from the chest voice to the head voiceWe will help you to cope better with the change of register. This is how you work out a stable middle layer and the sounds no longer break away from you.

So that when you change to the high register your voice Powerful and flexible remains, we introduce a new voice sound: the change from the usual head voice sound to a more penetrating voice sound, the so-called "Twang". So you can effortlessly from quiet to loud change, set dramatic climaxes and sing more demanding songs.

For whom the intermediate courses are suitable

Intermediate 1 is suitable for singers with previous knowledge who are no longer at the very beginning and would like to improve their singing through technique exercises.

Intermediate 2 is recommended for singers who have already gained some experience with singing technique but would like to learn something new to improve their singing.

"I have been taking singing lessons here since the end of April and I can only say that it is great fun. Bernadette is very approachable, you don't have to be afraid to do something wrong and she always has good and constructive comments and suggestions. After two months, several people around me have confirmed that my singing has improved significantly. In expression, in the power of the voice, in holding the notes. I can recommend Bernadett without reservation, the money for the lessons is more than well spent."
Andrea Jäger - Nurse
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