Breathing exercises for singers & speakers


Length: 24:48 min.

What you learn in the Breathing Exercises course:

You want to have enough air when singing and still sound fresh and powerful after a long rehearsal: This course will help you!

Breathing into your abdomen allows you to take in more air than if you breathe flat into your chest. To get air quickly, you learn to relax your belly in a flash. This way you have enough air when singing of long tones and ballads.

This way, even when singing fast songs, you will be in short inhalation pauses always take in enough air. At the same time, you strengthen your breathing muscles (e.g. diaphragm) with our exercises and get used to taking in the air. Abdominal breathing to use.

At long notes stabilise and at the same time To take pressure off the vocal cordsWe practise the so-called supported exhalation. We practise this through the use and Strengthening the intercostal muscles. In this way you can prevent voice fatigue and hoarseness.

By the way: According to the latest research, deep abdominal breathing is also Recommended for everyday use. In this way, our breath becomes not only a clock, but also a life-giver. We can sleep better, feel fitter and more alert, and blockages are released.

For whom the Breathing Exercises course is suitable:

The Breathing Exercises Course is recommended for singers from beginners to advanced, because correct breathing is the basis for a healthy and sustainable voice. People who have to speak a lot for their job will also benefit from this course.

"The lessons with Bernadette Kube helped me a lot back then to go into the test situation confident and secure. I was accepted out of over 800 applicants for one of the 14 training places as a state-recognised speech therapist at the FU Berlin and have now been working in this profession for almost 10 years."
Corinna Engelmann - Speech therapist
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