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Bernadette & Friends30 November 2020
Happy people singing

Can you really resolve to be happy - happy by singing? Yes, you can. Scientific studies show that singing is accompanied by physical changes that increase the feeling of happiness. Biochemically, this means that the body produces more endorphins and the bonding or "cuddle hormone" oxytocin.

Deep abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing

But that is by no means everything. The first step is breathing. The Deep abdominal and flank breathingwhich receives special attention in singing lessons, acts on the autonomic nervous system (the parasympathetic nervous system): this calms and relaxes. "Try being afraid with a full chest and with your head up - which is all you have to do when you sing - [...]. It doesn't work at all." This is the apt comment by neurobiologist Gerald Hüther. At the same time, deep breathing while singing promotes metabolism. Thus the whole body is better supplied with oxygen, comparable to endurance athletes. The brain is also better supplied with blood, so that the ability to concentrate increases.

It is a field where much research is still needed, but the evidence is already overwhelming: singing stabilises the heart rate, activates the circulation and improves the immune system. For example, singing produces more antibodies, which prevents colds. There are even reports of medical indications that singing could reduce inflammation levels in seriously ill patients or have a favourable effect on cancer.

Singing relieves stress

But even in the midst of everyday life, the effects are clear. Singing reduces stress and improves cognitive performance. It is particularly remarkable that the mood-lifting effect of singing, at least of singing together, can be proven biochemically. Under the direction of the musicologist Gunter Kreutz, this was proven a few years ago in an experiment with a Choir proves. After the choir rehearsals, the initially "grumpy"-unhappy choir members always felt measurably so much better that they ended up renaming themselves from the "Choir of Grumpy People" to the "Happy Choir".

Whether together, in the shower or in a virtual room: singing is healthy and brings feelings of happiness to life.  

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Sing A Song - Be Happy

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