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Bernadette & Friends16 June 2020
Singer gives singing lessons in Berlin

My name is Bernadette Kube and I have been working successfully as a singing and voice coach in Berlin for almost 20 years. 

My students were often told in the past that classical training would solve their problems in rock or pop and that they could eventually apply this technique to singing non-classical songs. However, after years of training in classical singing technique, many of them still had problems singing rock, for example. 

As a vocal coach, I was always interested in finding out what techniques worked specifically for non-classical singing. It became my passion to help others achieve their goals.

In this blog I want to share information that supports the training of non-classical singers with genre-specific techniques and exercises. The posts are based on science, anatomy and physiology. Previous posts will be updated as new research becomes available. In addition, I will also post information on other topics relevant to the work of modern singers from news sources, journals, and other authors and websites. 

The blog will be published once a month from October 2020. I hope its content will be useful and enriching for you.

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