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Singing lessons in Berlin

Singing lessons by professional singer for beginners and advanced singers

Telephone: 0175-207 42 43 Email: Bernadette Kube

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My name is Bernadette Kube, I’m a singer/songwriter and I give singing lessons in Berlin. My lessons are individually tailored to each pupil and open in terms of style. As my work is based on physiological voice knowledge, it is possible to achieve great vocal progress in a very short time.

The main areas of focus of my work at a glance:

  • Breathing techniques (diaphragm and support)
  • Vocal placement / vocal attack
  • Smooth transition from chest and head voice
  • Expanding the vocal range
  • Belting
  • Working on songs

If you want to find out more about me, and my singing lessons, then take a look at the little portrait about me that RBB TV broadcasted in 2011.

You will find my music and videos here: Official website

Are you interested in a trial lesson? Contact me at b_kube@gmx.de or call 0175-207 42 43.

See you soon, and: Sing A Song - Be Happy!

Bernadette Kube

Portrait Bernadette Kube

Photo: Tanja Brückner

Education / Training:

  • Classical Dance
    (Alexander Winckler, Hermann Duncker Ensemble Berlin)
  • Mime/Pantomime
    (Eberhardt Kube Berlin)
  • Master of Arts and Theatre Studies/German
    (FU Berlin)
  • DGSS Public Speaking Certificate 2015
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprechwissenschaft & Sprecherziehung - German Society for Speech Sciences & Speech Training)
  • Classical song/Voice training
    (Carola Nossek, Mike Cinnamon, Carol McPherson Berlin)
  • Popular song/Voice training
    (Jimmi Jatto, Andreas Talarowski Berlin)

Freelance Teaching since 2002:


  • Soundtrack “Schröders Wunderbare Welt“
    (Director Michael Schorr, 2006)
  • „Looking Outside My Window”
    (Red On Blue, 2011)
  • „A Place Of Hope And Mysteries”
    (Red On Blue, 2013)


  • Silentium
    (Director Michael Schorr, 1995)
  • Leben 1 2 3
    (Director Michael Schorr, 2000), Cannes 53rd Int. Film Festival, Cinéfondation.

Teaching room

Anklamer Straße 38, 10115 Berlin
1. Courtyard, 2. Stairway, 2. Floor
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Pupils’ voices

“As I was taking part in a musical stage production last year, I came across Mrs Kube’s singing lessons while searching online. As I had weekly singing lessons for more than 2 years at Drama School, but this more than 10 years ago, I didn’t feel well enough prepared, and wanted to improve my skills. We then worked together for around 12 hours over 3 weeks, and I felt much more secure in my audition process. We did singing exercises, as well as working on specific songs, which really improved my feel for how to use my 'instrument'.”

Patrick GüldenbergActor

“To help prepare myself fully for the aptitude test for drama school, I started lessons with Bernadette Kube for a few months in September 2015. My voice definitely developed over this period, and the singing techniques I learned were a great help (...), as I passed the aptitude test for the Theaterakademie Vorpommern, and I have been training as an actor there since September 2016.”

Sophie SchonlauDrama Student

“After several years of involvement with experimental music, my voice had gone into the background. With a new project in mind, I want to re-discover my old form and develop myself at the same time. So, in 2015, I came to Bernadette Kube. With her encouragement, I was finally able to master the singing technique which other teachers had not been able to teach me properly. In her lessons, I was able to make physical sense of what others could only explain with metaphors or partly esoteric concepts. For me, the reference to the body was particularly helpful in developing the new, big sound. As well as my tonal range, I also developed my tonal colour, and I took great delight in experimenting, as I could call on the stable, fundamental technique at any time.”

Kathrin GrenzdörfferMusician

“I have been studying with Mrs Bernadette Kube for six months now, and I’m taking Breathing and Voice Training lessons. This really helps with regard to my professional development, as the techniques I’m learning in the lessons are having a very positive effect on my voice. In my career, I not only have to lead teaching events, academic exercises and workshops, I also give talks at meetings and conferences, for example. The lessons with Mrs Kube have definitely helped train and develop my voice to allow me to give successful presentations.”

Dr. Silvia RichterResearch Associate, Faculty of Theology

“As part of the preparation for the recruitment test for training as a state-approved speech therapist at the FU Berlin in autumn 2003, I took singing lessons with Mrs Bernadette Kube. Once a week, she worked on the supportive parameters of my singing voice. Above all, I was able to make noticeable progress with regard to vocal range, register transitions, sustaining tone and dynamics, and so I was able to prove the necessary skills in the application phase. The lessons really helped me go into the test situation securely and confidently. I was given one of 14 training places from over 800 applicants, and I’ve now been following this career for almost 10 years. Back then, Mrs Kube really taught me a lot about my voice and did a lot with it, for which I was, and still am, very grateful.”

Corinna EngelmannSpeech Therapist

“Bernadette Kube has really brought me on to a great extent in my whole life. Due to a physical disability which affects my breathing and the muscle structure of my voice, I decided to take lessons in Public Speaking and Singing with her, to minimise or compensate for this drawback. This had a decisive, positive effect on my life, and improved my whole quality of life. ”

Peer HarderStudent of German Philology


Logo Shape up your Voice

There are many overlaps while speaking and singing. I am therefore offering further training opportunities that deal with the spoken word – whether it be about giving a speech, or being more comprehensible, speaking more freely or trying out new elocution possibilities. For all those that are interested, I will be holding regular workshops and seminars on how to train your breathing and your voice, elocution and presentation as well as storytelling. Many people use these offers to supplement their singing classes. However, you are more than welcome to participate in these seminars and workshops for purely professional reasons.

You can find more information here: Shape up your Voice | Facebook


Anklamer Straße 38, 10115 Berlin
1. Courtyard, 2. Stairway, 2. Floor
Telephone: 0175-207 42 43
Email: b_kube@gmx.de